Hello dear readers,

I wanted to write this blog post today because i really wanted to be able to articulate my feelings while they are still raw so that hopefully one day i will be able to look back and remind myself that indeed it is true. “regret is worse than failure”.

  1. One of the things i would really like to tell myself and you dear reader  today is that “you are good enough”.

This is something i constantly battle with because , being around people in the medical field , there is always this feeling i get of  feeling like i  don’t qualify, i am constantly surrounded by people who i feel are better than me in all ways and i tend to dumb down my own accomplishments or feel like they are not as impressive.This then leads to not taking  on opportunities when they present themselves  because of the feeling  that i am not good enough for them or that i don’t qualify for these opportunities. Today i would like to tell myself that i do qualify and i am worthy and deserving of all opportunities that come my way and i will not hide anymore or fear failure and not try.

2.Do it even if you are not ready.

Our comfort zone is something we nurture so closely and it is hard to break free from that , but today i want to tell you , do it even if it is not perfect, do it even if you do not feel confident, do it even if you are shaking with fear because everything you want is on the other side of fear. Here is a famous quote from the great Carl Jung and he said  “the fool is the precursor to the Savior”. You might not feel ready , you might feel like a fool when starting out but do it despite of it .

3. So what if you fail?

Fear of failure might be crippling , fear of being laughed at , being ignored , rejected , embarrassed etc etc. While these are legitimate causes to do try do not let this fear hold you back or stop you from indecision because the fear of regret is absolutely worse than the fear of failure. We worry so much about the opinions of others not knowing it is the opinion we have of ourselves that matters the most ,so i ask the question one more time ,SO WHAT IF YOU FAIL?




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