Welcome to my blog. My name is Rahel Kaaya. I have created this space as a creative outlet to share my interests , passions and i consider it a place of growth where i push myself to constantly be a better version in all areas of my life. I once read somewhere that , you should have three things that interest you . One that makes you money , one that keeps you healthy and one that makes you creative.

Last year i graduated from medical school and i think it would be safe to say that my life is going through a transition. Most people like i am are completely unsure about the next step in their life , there is definitely a pressure to feel like you should have it figured out. I disagree , i think life should be a journey and every step counts and matters.

I hope you will join me as i am on a journey to discover myself improve myself and master the skills i am curious out. Lets journey together and grow together.